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Thank you for expressing an interest in booking your African Adventure with Dare to Explore!
Please note that going forward, the relationship between you and Dare to Explore will be regulated by this form, the attached terms and conditions as well as any quotations and/or itineraries it may provide to you in the process of booking your African Adventure.
As such, we suggest that you always read all these documents carefully.
Kindly fill in the below information and submit it electronically (by accepting the terms and conditions below) or, alternatively return this form as well as the terms and conditions, initialed on every page and signed on the last page, where indicated, in full, to us via e-mail or fax so we can begin confirming all of your arrangements.

Company Particulars
Dare to Explore
Registration number

Address & P.O Box
Vaaldam Road, Heidelberg,
South Africa, 1438

P.O. Box 53 Heidelberg,
South Africa, 1438

Dare to Explore's Public Officers

Angie Karan
T: +27 82 458 9796
F: +27 16 342 1303


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